Become a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach! 


Turn Your Passion and Gifts into a Career!


A proven 20+ year doctor-supervised functional and holistic coaching certification program for the aspiring coach, passionate health professional, and advocate. 

We've put the heart back into the health question!

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Do you have a passion for health?


Do you want to guide others to optimal health and help them live a fulfilled and abundant life? 


Do you have a burning desire to teach others?


Do you feel you're too "old" and missed your opportunity to change your career path?


Do you feel like you can't afford or don't have the time to go back to school?


Are you ready to self-actualize and step into the shoes of your greatest and most heroic version of yourself?



Learn the most advanced techniques and principles to master your life and help others.


Fulfill your dreams and passions in just 6-months. 


The Most Comprehensive Functional and Holistic Certification Course Online


Become a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Self-Actualization Coach! 

At the end of this 24-week program, you will walk away with a renewed sense of self. This signature course is a complete solution to transform your life and career. Here's what's included:

On-line Course Videos That are Engaging and Instructional  

Each week a new set of videos will guide you hand by hand to achieve mastery of your craft. You will be given bite-sized homework and practical experiential tasks to complete each week.  

In-depth Guidance from Experienced Professionals

Throughout the course you will learn from experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds (doctors, nutritionists, health coaches, hypnotherapists, energy medicine practitioners, and more) on all things health and wellness.

Proven Methods You Can Immediately Put Into Action

These methods have been implemented successfully with over 7,000+ patients and clients. Share our wisdom in less time!  

Group Coaching

Join us during our live coaching sessions where we will expand on the weekly lessons and help with practical implementation. 

Presentations and Downloadable Resources

This course will provide you with accompanied PDF's and other resources to ensure your success.

Live Q&A

Your growth is important, and we're here to answer your questions with live monthly Q&A sessions.

Graduate with a certification degree from Wellness by Design Drugless Practitioner Academy and proudly display your new credentials:   

Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP)

Self-Actualization and Wellness Coach (SWC)  

Our Program is Built on 4 Levels of Mastery: 


1. Personal Mastery

2. Client Mastery

3. Business Mastery

4. Contribution Mastery


Uncover the Japanese concept of Ikigai (ee-key-guy):

1. What you love

2. What your good at 

3. What the world needs

4. What you can get paid for


Access to a Live, Supportive Community

"The level of education and self-mastery has been life changing."

- R. Pampento 


Payment Plan



Pay in six affordable installments. You’ll receive lifetime access, plus all future updates.

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Pay in full and save an extra $200! Enjoy lifetime access to the course and all future updates.

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July 23rd, 2024

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A Big Promise We Can Make:

30-Day Money Back Guarantee 

We are so confident in our program's content and success that you have a full month to go through the trainings, keep up with the lessons, and implement the homework. If your still not happy, simply request a refund. You have nothing to lose!  

Common Questions Answered

BONUS 1 ($999 value)

Business Mastery

You can be the best at what you do, however, if the world and your avatar doesn't know about you - then you will be the world's best kept secret.

In this FREE BONUS we will walk you through business mastery success serets including:

  • Mindset
  • Clarifying your mission business statement and avatar (who you want to work with)
  • Tech stuff: websites, landing pages, marketing, creating on-line courses (if interested), and more
  • How to organize your gifts, message, and talents in a logical, coherent, and easy to master program 
  • Finance 101: avoiding the most common business mistakes when starting out! 

BONUS 2 ($299 value)

The Miracle Method

Based on the book, I-llness to WE-llness, dig deeper into the one method that can change your life forever. Based, in part, on the principles of A Course in Miracles, learn how to create everyday miracles and enjoy the journey (not just the destination). From an integral perspective, it's about both/and, being and doing, the destination and the journey rather than either/or and egocentric consciousness. 

Learn the specific steps to create more miracles in your life! 

BONUS 3 ($499 value)

Writing a Book

Your greatest business card is your book. Let's explore how to get your message into the world and talk all things books including:

  • Outlining your book
  • Writing your book (the long way, the hard way, and the EASY way)
  • Using inspiration? or perspiration?
  • Editing
  • Formating
  • Publishing
  • Marketing

Get started on your new career path today! 

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