What is the Optimal Diet?

plant-based diet Oct 03, 2023


Plant-Based vs. Paleo?

In this video we discuss the following topics: 

    • dietary confusion: keto, intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast, eating breakfast, FODMAPS, gluten-free, and more! 
    • the concepts of 1st Things 1st (whole foods, plant-centric) and 2nd Things 2nd (individualization for your specific needs and constitution) 
    • what does the plant-based diet and paleo diet have in common?
    • three sources of nutrients: primary (plants, producers), secondary (animals), and tertiary (processed foods and factory farming) 
    • the percentage of livestock in the USA that is factory farmed (99%!)
    • how we literally eat the energy captured from stars 
    • the food chain and degrees of toxicity 
    • dietary research from the longest lived 
    • eating from an egocentric vs. Kosmocentric/Integral lens of consciousness 


The Optimal Food Pyramid