The AWE Technique

awe technique Nov 24, 2023

The AWE Technique 

The AWE Technique is a simple practice to strengthen your awareness muscle. It helps you connect and stay a few seconds longer in the ever-present NOW moment. Far too often we spend an enormous amount of our life everywhere but the present moment and let life pass us by as we muse on the wrongs, guilt, shame, blame of the past and the yet to be future anxieties. 

Awe contains mixed feeling states such as joy, overwhelm, and fear. It is a perception of vastness and can be perceptual (e.g., a beautiful sunset) or conceptual (e.g., listening to speech or reading a great book).

This is a simple but profound practice that involves two steps:

  • STEP 1: Turn your attention towards an experience, big or small. It is easiest to focus on an experience you appreciate and find awe-inspiring, pleasurable, enjoyable, or value (a conversation, a bird chirping, a sunset, an activity).
  • STEP 2: Breathe in and out of the experience, literally and metaphorically, by savoring, slowing down, amplifying associated feelings, and discovering or connecting to the beauty or essence underpinning the material realm.