Three Ways to Increase Your Consciousness

consciousness Jun 05, 2023
three ways to increase consciousness

I to WE Consciousness

A monumental shift in consciousness is coming! It's a change from an I center to a WE center of gravity. The I center of consciousness is a focus on I, me, and mine that refuses to recognize life's interconnectedness. It is infused with a belief in entitlement where one thinks that everything is ours for the taking with a disregard for responsibility and the effects our choices have on others, Mother Nature, and other sentient creatures.

The WE center of consciousness, often referred to as Integral of Kosmic, can be described as an all-inclusive perspective of care, compassion, and concern for all human beings (regardless of age, sex, race, color, creed, gender, etc.), for all sentient beings (regardless of species), and all of manifestation or that which can be seen and that which cannot.

In this short video, we explore:  

 the concept of why Doing Good is Good for You

 the evolution of power, love, and peace  

 the three ways to increase your consciousness NOW!