Energy and Joy Audit

energy and joy audit Sep 16, 2023


Postponement of Play, Pleasure, and Joy Causes Disease 

People are postponing play and pleasure more and more than ever before. "After the kids grow up, after I complete my chores, after, after..." Postponement of joy, pleasure, and play is a major contributing factor to disease formation. It carries with it an air of "I am not enough" and "I am not entitled to enjoy my life until I suffer first." 

Joy and Energy Builders 

This exercise is simple but profound. On one side of a piece of paper, list your joy and energy builders. These are the things that light you up, give you mental or physical energy, and bring a joyful, content smile to your face. 

Joy and Energy Robbers 

On the other side of the paper, list your joy and energy robbers. 

Make a Commitment 

Sit in quiet contemplation as you review your list. Make a commitment and decide what you will add, eliminate, or release in the days and weeks to follow.